Hello, I am Dominique.
I consider myself a woman who loves sex...

About me

From a young age I started to accept certain things about my sexuality. I love my body and I love looking at other women’s bodies, I admire the beauty that entails being a woman. But I am not sexually attracted to other women, meaning I would not seek a relationship with another girl. I have experimented a few times, but the attraction seems to be temporary. One thing is to love and admire the female form for beauty and attraction and another is to engage in a commited relationship.

Another thing that characterizes me is that I love men, love cocks and to engage in sex. I love sex and love exploring sexual acts, something new is always welcomed. I can love more than one man at a time, I can only be with one man for a certain amount of time before I start feeling the urge to look for another and feel a new cock inside of me. When I go into a relationship, I am open about it, I can only be in an open relationship, see other men, but still see you, since I always get that urge to find someone new to love and have sex with.
I have decided to be a part of this site to publish my story and my need for sexual adventure. That sex and love can be more than just one on one. Join me as I tell you about my sexual experiences and that love does not mean to be just with one person all your life, you can love more than one person and feel good about yourself.

The website

ElleSex website is a blog and forum where women and men can share their stories of open relationships, hotwifing and cuckold. In essence it's a site where we eplore the female side of sexual desire and need to explore with other people. This type of open relationships are more frequently accepted, as humans we have an inherant necesity to explore and find new relationships with others.

The Future

We all have a story and over half of the female population has cheated in their relationship. Perhaps engaging in an open relationship would help reduce the need to cheat and create longer lasting relationships. So when one feels the need to explore with someone else, its talked about openly with no remorse or fear of damaging the relationship.

Once one of the partner has had that experience with another, you get that satisfaction and yet you remain in a committed relationship with your partner. It's a different way of doing things, since as humans, we all have desires and fantasies to be with someone else from time to time. This is why many marriages fail and the damage emotionally and financially can take a huge toll on any person. So perhaps open relationships can pave the way to healthier couples in the long run.

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